Bazis Operations has over 7 years of experience in the agriculture research sector, giving our teams in-depth knowledge and expertise. We have a particular understanding of the sector in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. In particular we have expertise in four segments: crop science, animal health, agricultural machinery and agrochemicals.


The team is experienced in recruiting and interviewing all of the key agricultural respondent types including farmers, agronomists, veterinarians and independent consultants. Our research approach is very much driven by the project needs and objectives and we use our experience to recommend the best methodology, whether it be face-to-face, in-depth interviews, telephone/CATI or focus groups (usually up to five respondents)


The Russian agricultural market has been transformed since privatisation in 1990 and Bazis Operations is well placed to offer efficient and cost-effective fieldwork with a network of reliable respondents encompassing farmers (both integrators and regular farms), agricultural product manufacturers and distributors, and scientific institutes across 5 regions, who provide consultancy services to farmers.

To request a proposal or to find out more about Agricultural Research at Bazis Operations, please contact Dinara Akhmatdinova at