Bazis Insights has many years of healthcare research experience, representing work with a variety of international clients from the pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech sectors as well as with specialist healthcare research agencies in other markets.

Our specialist healthcare team is composed of highly skilled and senior research practitioners with extensive experience of managing multi-country projects in the sector. This executive team can call upon medical professionals with MD degrees as the need arises—this is particularly advantageous when interviewing senior healthcare professionals. The team also includes medically trained specialist telephone interviewers.
While we offer healthcare research across the entire spectrum, we have developed particular expertise in the following areas: Autoimmune Diseases, Oncology, Dermatology, Endocrinology, Women’s health and more.



Our research expertise extends to most types of healthcare projects with specific prowess in the following:


  • NPD/TPP studies
  • market entry research
  • market access
  • ad concept testing
  • communication optimisation
  • message selection and testing
  • brand name/logo evaluation
  • packaging research
  • sales aid development
  • patient journeys
  • U&A studies
  • disease/prescription monitoring


Naturally, we are experienced in the recruitment and interviewing of all types of healthcare respondent including patients, pharmacists, nurses, physicians, consultants and key opinion leaders. We use the most appropriate method of contact, both in terms of the project needs and the type of healthcare professionals.


These methods include:


  • in-depth interviews in CLTs and doctors’ surgeries
  • phone to web interviews (less suitable for KOLs in Russia or China but more suitable in the U.S.)
  • telephone interviews for GPs and specialists
  • full focus groups of pharmacists and patients
  • mini groups, for more sensitive conditions amongst sufferers


In Russia, Bazis Group has established a network of healthcare professionals in both private and public hospitals in the major cities of Moscow, St Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and Rostov-on-Don. These close relationships forged with heads of departments dramatically improve the recruitment process through better targeting and reduced time and cost.

To find out more about Healthcare at Bazis Insights, please contact Anna Shulgina at