With more than 10 years of hands on experience in this sector, the Bazis Operations team of research professionals (from recruiters to project managers) understands this industry very well. While in-depth face-to-face interviewing is still the No. 1 data collection method, we have successfully implemented other approaches, such as telephone interviews, web-enabled video interviews, and on-line communities.

We have also carried out a number of usability studies, involving construction site visits, process mapping, operator interviews and specific task tracking.


Basis Operations provides an added value service for projects in a number of B2B sectors: construction, raw materials, oil and gas extraction, marine to name a few. The Bazis Operations project directors always provide insights to clients about target respondents, the best methodology and feasible timing (accounting for geography-specific or equipment-specific seasonal factors).

To find out more about our expertise in the Industrial Sector at Bazis Operations, please contact Ekaterina Perina at perina_ei@bazisgroup.com.