Bazis Health is highly experienced in the recruitment and interviewing of all types of healthcare professionals. Our executive team can call upon medical professionals with MD degrees as the need arises—this is particularly advantageous when seeking senior healthcare professionals.

In Russia, Bazis Health has established a network of healthcare professionals in both private and public hospitals in some of the biggest Russian cities such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and many more. These close relationships improve the recruitment process through better targeting the aimed at respondents and, thus, reduce time and cost.

Being on good terms with physicians is also important when recruiting patients across Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine, as patients’ associations are not common in these countries. Essentially, physicians are the only source to recruit patients.

Complying with the law to protect personal data security, physicians offer their patients to participate in relevant projects. It helps to optimize the project timing and ensures the quality of the respondents. Bazis Health maintains a highly structured procedure for recruiting research subjects through physicians. The physician is recruited first and receives information about requirements for the needed patients. Then, the physician informs the target patients about the project and provides them with the supervisor`s contact information. Or, if the patient prefers, the physician can give the patient’s contact information to the supervisor. This approach allows for protecting both physician and patient confidentiality.