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Your report was above what other suppliers have delivered. Very professional! My client was very thankful for your completed work.

Senior Consultant, Caterpillar Inc.
Market Research Strategic Support Group


I am very satisfied with the work done with your company. Regarding your respect of the timing, reactivity to our questions and quality of the data received, we are more than happy.

Ludovic Cessac
International Fieldwork Coordinator


Before we found Bazis, we literally spent years looking for a Russian qual partner. We went through three or four vendors in a two year period before we found Bazis. I think Bazis understands the needs of their international customers better than most, and they are willing to sacrifice short-term gains for a long-term relationship. By hiring such a good Russian vendor, it allows me and my staff to focus on the research as it relates to our client.

Tony Kirchman
Senior Global Sourcing Coordinator, Supervisor