White Papers


Research World: A snapshot into how market researchers can empower medical NGOs

Our marketing research group, Bazis, partnered with an NGO to study what parents can do to help their children suffering from DMD

MARCH 2021

Research World: What the future of work for market researchers in Eastern Europe and Russia looks like – Part 1

We conducted a survey on the impact of the pandemic on how people work in this region and shared our findings exclusively with Research World

MARCH 2021

Research World: What the future of work for market researchers in Eastern Europe and Russia looks like – Part 2

To provide perspective on work trends among market researchers in North America, we conducted a quantitative survey of market researchers in North America (primarily in the U.S. and several in Canada)


Quirks Media: Learning from virtual patient communities across the globe

In this article, our team shares an analysis of online patient conversations in three countries on three health-related topics


Quirks Media: Study underlines the importance of clarity in doctor-patient communication

We report on how a health care provider’s assessment of their patient’s ability to understand health information influences their communication style

MAY 2019

Quirks Media: How Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine are adapting to trends in medicine

In this article, we explore the prevalence of selected trends – telemedicine, electronic health records, natural language processing, online customer reviews and the quantified self – in health care in Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine


678 billion reasons Russia gave to invest in the World Cup

Recent Russian construction projects are having a long-term impact on infrastructure in the country, which could open the door for global construction equipment manufacturers

MAY 2018

Conducting healthcare market research project in new markets

Understanding the local health ecosystem to find the right suppliers


Overcoming common challenges in global B2B market research

Understanding How to Best Manage Research Projects in Developing Markets


Agro tracker in Russia

Agricultural Machinery Trends Across Eleven Time Zones

JUNE 2017

Agrochemicals in Asia and Eurasia

Agricultural Trends in Seeds, Crop Nutrients and Protection

MAY 2017

Health trackers in China, USA, Russia

Award-winning Healthcare Insights About FitBit Users

MARCH 2017

B2B research potential in LatAm

Published in ESOMAR 2017 LatAm Conference Report