Bazis Health supports pharmaceutical clients’ needs at all stages of a product life cycle, starting from drug discovery to post-launch stage and commercialization.


Discovery and Clinical trials

  • Find out if the concept will be accepted by the market
  • Decide which idea to implement



  • Decide on packaging or product design and usability
  • Develop the product value proposition



  • Select the marketing strategy, sales channels and launch plan
  • Decide on product development



We develop research design based on the following principles:


Patient-centric approach to research — we involve patients in project design



Health Literacy practices – we implement clear communication practices to make research materials clear and easy to read for patients and caregivers



Experimental design approach – we use design of experiments principles to discover hidden drivers and barriers, deriving conclusions based on observed behaviour




Our project managers offer deep knowledge of the local markets and develop country-specific research design.