Translation and Localization

Often, research respondents prefer to speak in the local language. Research materials are typically provided in English, and require translation and localization. This is where Bazis Translations team comes in.

Translating materials with specific terminology – whether it is healthcare, construction, agriculture, or consumer goods – requires knowledge of relevant market segments. Dictionaries are never enough for a quality translation. We always check the use of the terms in relevant contexts to ensure the correct translation. We also make sure our translations are adapted to reflect the culture of the country and its specific phenomena. We always proofread our translations before they are used in our market research projects.

Our clients may provide market research materials – screeners, discussion guides, online survey questionnaires, stimuli – in local language, BUT translated by agencies that may be unaware of terms or abbreviations specific to market research.

The quality of such translations varies, and issues may be discovered when interviews are already in progress. Bazis Translations team proofreads the materials, flags mistakes or inconsistencies that could lead to misinformation. This prevents delays and additional costs.

Open-ended question translations prove to be a challenge because respondents don’t always use full sentences and use slang.

Don’t worry. Our team of translators will dig deep (check the audios, talk to the moderators who interviewed the respondents, do some research) to find the context so that the translated answers are clear and comprehensible.

90% of our qualitative projects require transcription. We will listen to the audios and perform word-by-word transcription or a synthesized summary transcription. Outcome? A meaningful and pleasant word document where you could find all the relevant information with comfort and ease that only a written text can provide.
There are 2 types of transcription services we usually provide:
Transcription without translation (English-English)
We have vast experience successfully transcribing even the most challenging, low-quality audios. This includes articulation problems, background noises, e.g. cows mooing, an engine revving up. If it is humanly possible, we will make it out and get that answer for you.
– Transcription with translation (i.e. Portuguese-English)
There is an audio in Portuguese. What is the quickest and most effective way for you to get a transcript in English? Leave it with us. Unlike most translation agencies that first transcribe audios in Portuguese and then translate the resulting texts into English, we do it in one step, providing you – promptly and cost-efficiently – with top-quality materials to analyze and get great insights from.

To help you understand your consumers better and find out ways to improve their experience, our team of analysis will sift through market research data, summarize responses clearly and concisely, and put them in separate content categories.

Our content analysis will help you get valuable insights that will allow you to monitor your campaign’s success and find gaps in your marketing strategy.

If you require simultaneous interpretation during interviews or focus groups you would like to listen in, we can arrange that for you. We have trusted partners who are happy to lend us their experienced interpreters. After the interview/focus group, we can send you audios in English and in local language (separate tracks).