Within the agriculture sector, we have expertise in three segments: crop science, animal health, and agricultural machinery.

With more than a decade of experience in the agriculture research sector, we have a particular understanding of the industry in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, the USA and Canada, while also offering global coverage through our network of specialist providers in key markets.

To gain valuable insights, you need to know the market from the inside out. Because we understand key business drivers like crop seasonality and farmers’ lifestyles, we’re able to deliver truly insightful recommendations in this unique sector.

In the Russian market, Bazis Agro has a network of reliable respondents encompassing:

  • Crop producers
  • Animal farms and livestock production
  • Poultry integrators and regular poultry farms
  • CPP, seed, and digital agriculture tool manufacturers and distributors
  • Scientific institutes across all regions of Russia
  • And independent consultants