Michael Ziskelevich


Michael’s skills and expertise are unique: he is a life-long entrepreneur, with diverse experience in finance, construction, and foreign trade. Michael is a founding partner of Bazis Group, currently responsible for strategic development and team integration. Michael enjoys hunting, literature, and foreign languages, and is constantly challenged to learn more.

Ekaterina Perina

Ekaterina Perina

Executive Director

Since 2006 Ekaterina has been an integral part of the Bazis team. She is a PhD-qualified professional with intensive experience in planning, implementation and execution of international full-scope B2B and B2C projects. Her multidisciplinary approach integrates research methods, data mining and industry trends to identify best solutions to address clients’ needs at all project stages. Ekaterina presented case studies at a number of international market research conferences (EphMRA, TRA, BIG European MR Award). In her spare time, she enjoys cross country skiing and cooking.


Tatiana Barakshina


Tatiana has worked in research since 2002. Tatiana is responsible for global client relationships. She is an active promoter of research, having been on ESOMAR Council for 6 years. She currently serves on the health literacy committee of Intellus Worldwide. Tatiana received her PhD from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2017. Her academic interests include shared decision-making in the medical domain, health literacy and patient-centered medicine in emerging markets. Located in the flat prairies of densely populated and cosmopolitan Northern Illinois, Tatiana loves mountain biking, hiking, and yoga.

Olga Adushkina

International Supplier Group Lead

Olga has more than five years of experience managing complex B2B multi-country projects, with strong qualifications in the construction sector. She recently presented a paper devoted to B2B research at ESOMAR LATAM Congress. One of Olga’s key roles at Bazis is nurturing the network of local suppliers. So far, she has established close partner relations with fieldwork companies globally, from the Americas to Australia and New Zealand. Olga speaks English and French fluently, with some knowledge and experience in Spanish and Italian too. She has successfully accomplished IBM SPSS and Excel courses for marketing researchers along with Storytelling courses.


Anna Shevalova

Healthcare Team Lead

Anna is highly experienced in complex B2B projects with a focus on healthcare and pharmaceutical research. She has conducted numerous studies with a variety of healthcare respondents (patients, caregivers, providers, KOLs, payers, government officials). She has expert knowledge in market performance and the characteristics of economic regions. Anna is an active member of ESOMAR, EphMRA and Intellus Worldwide. She regularly attends conferences across the market research industry, discussing and advancing her area of expertise – healthcare research. Being inquisitive is in Anna’s blood: Apart from doing marketing research, she loves exploring new places as a tourist. Yoga is how she relaxes.

Archana Ramakrishna

Project Coordinator

Archana has 10-plus years of marketing, recruiting and research experience. She applies her past experience as a marketing and recruiting lead in recruiting, analysis, reporting and interviewing in her research work. Using her strong multi-tasking skills, she directs complicated field projects. Archana has worked, lived and travelled to multiple countries including India, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia and China. In her spare time, she does exotic India dancing, enjoys cooking and loves reading.

Dinara Akhmatdinova

Dinara Zelova

Project Manager / Data Scientist

As an advanced market research professional, Dinara possesses a particularly profound knowledge of the agricultural sector and is a regular visitor at agricultural trade shows. Dinara is a skilled user of IBM SPSS and she has recently completed an advanced Sawtooth Software training in Florida. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking and travelling.


Anastasia Leonteva

Project Manager

Anastasia holds a master’s degree in international management. Having successfully completed training courses organized by KPMG, McKinsey and EY, she can perform value added in-depth analysis. She has participated in international economic forums and scientific conferences doing international market research projects and is experienced with solving business cases. In her spare time, she gives math lessons, enjoys downhill skiing and playing the guitar.

Chris Erb

Senior Recruiter

Chris has over 20 years of sales recruiting experience and is proficient in lead generation, market analysis and database development. He has developed and directed complex recruitment activities in the Intellectual Property, Credit and Publishing industries. In addition, he has experience managing recruitment teams of nearly 30 people. In his spare, time he enjoys photography, woodworking and just being outdoors.


Anastasia Tsykareva

Field Manager

Anastasia is a field manager. She has been in marketing research for more than 10 years. Her main areas of specialization are healthcare and B2C studies. She inspires, leads and supports Bazis team of professional expert interviewers. Anastasia is a talented artist: many of her paintings now decorate her home and her friends’ homes.


Datka Anarbekova

Asia Region Analyst

Datka has a Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and a Master’s degree in Economics and Management. Datka is engaged in research projects in construction and mining, working with customers, dealers, and industry experts in Asia. Good knowledge of Mandarin Chinese and culture of communication assures smooth interaction with Chinese-speaking professionals. Datka is interested in cultural studies, linguistics, and psychology.

Alexandra Perina

Field Manager

Alexandra is a field manager with Bazis research group. She is an expert in managing projects for Bazis Agro, carrying out complex quantitative studies across the region. Her special expertise is in agriculture, animal health and crop protection. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring new cultures and trying out new technologies.

Vlad Churkind

Magister of Design & Branding

Vlad is the lead designer for Bazis. His visual expertise helps guide the brand’s identity and shape its public appearance. Vlad’s background extends across various visual channels: from architecture to web design to graphic design and 3D design, he brings a forward-thinking approach to everything he does. Vlad is a graduate of the Prague School of Design and lives in Ekaterinburg with his family.

Bob Spoerl

Marketing Coordinator

Bob has worked with Bazis for several years coordinating the firm’s marketing and communications efforts. With a background in journalism, Bob has also contributed in the field for Bazis on research projects, using his interview skills and training. When he isn’t focusing on communications, Bob is likely spending time with his wife and two young children or rocking out on the bass guitar.

Dmitry Reshetar

Magister of IT

Dmitry has over 1010 binary years of experience in IT field. He has carried out more than 500 processors and motherboards to and fro. His special expertise is in Tetris, Pac-Man and Frogger. In his spare time, he enjoys squaring the circle and doubling the cube.

Elena Kozhevnikova

Quotation Manager

Elena has worked in the field of market research for several years. Elena provides guidance to Bazis’ clients during the bidding stage, advising on feasibility, pricing and methodology of new projects, and maintains partnership with long-standing clients. As quotation manager at Bazis, she has prepared quotes for over 300 projects. Elena has successfully passed a training course on IBM SPSS Statistics software. In her spare time, she enjoys yoga and baking cakes.