Data Collection

Bazis Health has a versatile toolbox of research methods – many options are at our client’s disposal.


3 principles of data collection:


1. The structure of the research instrument. Key parameter – need to expose respondents to visual stimuli.



2. Cultural and regional specifics. For example, the work easily carried out online or via remote interviewing in the US and Canada is often conducted in-person in Latin America and Middle East.



3. Client’s preference for an immersed observation. We often organize Simtrans and client backrooms for online FGs. If a FG is conducted in-person, a hybrid approach to accommodate remote client audience is offered.



Our clients find value in both traditional and advanced data collection methods that Bazis Health offers.


Traditionally, we organize IDIs with physicians, payers, KOLs, nurses, and other experts, as well as with patients.



Web-Assisted Telephone In-Depth interviews are suitable for payers, KOLs or other hard-to-reach experts like specialists treating rare diseases.



Full focus groups tend to work well for physicians and patients. Mini groups are the best for sensitive conditions and topics, discussed with patients.




Short-term and long-term online marketing research communities – MROCs – provide direct and continuous access and have been recently recognized by many clients as a vital research method. Bazis partners with specialized MR online platforms to organize Bulletin Boards and Online Forums. Participants love the experience! Tasks are easy to navigate and track, and communities are accessible from any device – mobile, tablet or desktop.

The industry continues to evolve and Bazis Health team keeps updating our data collection capabilities!