Bazis Build started 2020 in Las Vegas at CONEXPO-CON/AGG, North America’s largest construction trade show. While the schedule for travel changed because of COVID-19, our team stayed busy with virtual events, including The Quirk’s Virtual Event and Intellus Worldwide. Bazis Partner Tatiana Barakshina, alongside other members of Intellus Worldwide’s Health Literacy Initiative (HLI), received the 19th Annual Institute for Healthcare Advancement (IHA) Health Literacy Award in the Research category.


2019 was an intense year of travel and engagements for the Bazis team, starting in January at a Sawtooth training session in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and the March Research Expo in Moscow. In July, the Bazis Health team spent an exhilarating few days in Philadelphia exhibiting at the Intellus Worldwide Summit. Meanwhile in Europe, Bazis Health participated in EphMRA 2019 in Warsaw, Poland. In September, Bazis Build team members exhibited at the Caterpillar North American Dealer Conference in Louisville, Kentucky. Finally, in November, the Bazis Agro team exhibited at the largest agricultural machinery trade show Agritechnia in Hanover, Germany.


We started off with Intellus in Philadelphia (USA) and EphMRA in Basel (Switzerland). Olga Adushkina met research partners in Mexico, visited Lion and Paris (France) to meet with research agencies, attended TRA’s Service Design workshop in Copenhagen (Denmark). Bazis turned 12 in August.


First appearance at PBIRG conference in Chicago (USA), with a well-received research on self health-monitoring (by Anna Shulgina). As a first-time attendee of ESOMAR Congress in Berlin (Germany), Anna Shevalova is impressed and inspired by new business connections and learnings. Dinara Akhmatdinova attends Agritechnica in Hanover (Germany). Our first mobile app – AgroTracker – is released!


Anna Shulgina’s research paper gets accepted and she presents, together with Ekaterina Perina, at EphMRA conference in Frankfurt, Germany. The paper talks about perception of healthy image in Eastern and Western cultures.


Bazis researchers participate and present at ESOMAR Congress in Dublin, TRA Annual meeting in Istanbul, AMA Summer Educators conference in Chicago, and ACR Conference in New Orleans.


Bazis sponsored ESOMAR B2B Forum in Atlanta, USA, connecting with over 70 researchers focused on B2B sector from more than 10 countries. Anna Shulgina won a $10,000 research grant from The Research Alliance to pursue important research on “healthy appearance versus healthy behaviors” in Russia, China and Turkey.


Tatiana Barakshina chaired the ESOMAR CEE Research Forum in Prague, Czech Republic.
Bazis joined the Research&Results show in Munich, Germany, exhibiting the research capabilities as the B2B research expert in Russia.


The new “look” presented at ESOMAR Congress in Atlanta, USA.
Ekaterina Perina was appointed as a Research Director of Bazis, Russia. Tatiana Barakshina joined a Marketing PhD program at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and served as a representative of the company with US-based clients and partners.


Bazis hosted the annual meeting of The Research Alliance in Moscow, Russia.
Research Consultant, Anna Shulgina, was awarded a study scholarship at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, joined the Master’s program and became a permanent representative of Bazis in Moscow.


Research Consultant, Ekaterina Perina, received “BIG Award” in Lyon, France for Best Research project presentation “Projective Techniques in Qualitative Research” at the annual meeting of BIG members.
Bazis became a member of European Pharmaceutical Market Research Association (EphMRA), strengthening expertise in pharmaceutical and healthcare research sector.


One of the most exciting projects this year was a study covering 12 countries in CIS, Asia and Middle East. Bazis analysts traveled the world to oversee focus groups, conduct interviews and visit respondents at their job-sites. We had to overcome stone-falls in Artvin (border of Turkey and Georgia), visit underground sites in Johannesburg (South Africa), try horse meat in Karaganda (Kazakhstan), escape from construction mafia in Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine).

Bazis joined international research association – Business Information Group (BIG). This knowledge-exchange association is another source for sharing research processes, client requirements, and best cases.


Research Director, Tatiana Barakshina, became an ESOMAR Council member for 2009-10 term. She was a first Russian member to serve on the council of this truly global association of over 5000 research professionals.
Ekaterina Perina represented Bazis at the “Top Marketing” conference in Moscow in and in the annual American Marketing Association Conference in Los Angeles, CA.
Yet, this was a year of steep decline in the Russian research industry. Our team managed to stay active and continued project work.


Bazis joined The Research Alliance as an exclusive representative in Russia. The network of independently-owned research agencies from 20+ countries of Asia, Europe and Americas is a source of reliable partners for multi-country projects and a platform to engage and share research best practices. TRA meets semi-annually, hosted each time by one of the members, and conducts regular collaborative projects that zoom in to healthy consumption habits, fitness and health.
Bazis moved to a new office with a custom-built focus group facility and comfortable observation room, both equipped with web-streaming capabilities.


Commissioning of a syndicated project by a Russian telecom giant – Megafon – in the second half of the year served as an indication of a new step. A 5000-respondent sample covering 12 regions of Russia followed by over 20 focus groups for one of the top 3 Russian telecoms proved to be a challenging task that put the company on a new competitive level.


Bazis officially opened for business in 2005, first occupying office in the tallest business office. First clients were from the construction equipment and construction materials sector.