Bazis Health pharmaceutical clients receive advanced primary data analytics and customized reporting from Bazis Health.

Executive Summary presentations provide a synthesis of most valuable insights, linked to client’s business decisions, and set direction for future actions.


In-depth Reports provide a comprehensive project view, and typically include external and internal environment analysis, study background, methodological considerations, and detailed findings. These reports are organized by functional areas and by segments.


Customized Functional Reports distill findings relevant to a specific business function of the internal client. Often, we are being asked for findings specifically related to product development, sales, and marketing communications. Such reports prioritize findings most relevant for each functional team within our client’s organization.

We help clients by generating insightful, easy-to-follow, yet deep and sometimes provocative reports. Our analysts are trained in data visualization and storytelling techniques.

We help our clients drive internal transformation by providing reports which can immediately be used to drive change. Bazis Health employs professional designers to include elements of infographics and find the most revealing ways to present the views of patients and HCPs.

Team’s favorite reporting techniques that bring highest value to our partners are:

  • Patient personas
  • Situational vignettes
  • Perceptual mapping
  • Patient journey mapping
  • Market simulations
  • Video and audio quotes
  • Interactive maps