Data Collection

Bazis uses a variety of methods to collect data. The most common ones are IDIs with physicians, payers, KOLs, nurses, and other experts, as well as with patients. IDIs can be conducted as face-to-face interviews, phone or phone-to-web interviews or as an online survey. F2F or telephone interviews are the most suitable way of data collection for payers, KOLs or other hard-to-reach experts like specialists treating rare diseases.

Depending on the project needs, Bazis also has experience organizing CL interviews, whether the project is taking place in Russia, Kazakhstan or Ukraine. Bazis has also organized full focus groups as well as mini focus groups when the need arises. Full focus groups tend to work well for physicians and patients, andmini-focus group are the best for sensitive conditions and topics.

To collect the information, an appointment is scheduled with the respondent to conduct the IDI. Every interview conducted in a spoken form (F2F or via telephone) or focus group is recorded and – later – transcribed. The results from online surveys are downloaded to an excel sheet or an SPSS file according to the client’s preferences.