Bazis Group Received TRA Innovation Grant

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We’re proud to announce that Bazis Group was chosen as a winner of the Innovation Grant, introduced in 2014 by TRA. The winner was promised a 500 US$ personal ‘prize’ and financing of the winning team’s research activity/method development by the TRA Treasury (see this link for more details).

The submission led by Anna Shulgina, our Project Manager (pictures), was chosen from a total of 10 submissions.

Anna’s project focuses on a healthy lifestyle, or, on what people mean when saying “I lead a healthy lifestyle”. The project looks at “healthy lifestyle” stereotypes generation and development. The project’s results will help product and service producers to work with these stereotypes while developing marketing strategy. The project will be conducted in Moscow (to understand capital citizens’ activities) and Ekaterinburg (regional citizens’ activities). We congratulate Anna on winning the Innovation Grant and are looking forward to seeing the results of the survey.