Bazis Happy Moments

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Bazis Group Head of Finance, Natalia Vasilieva, was recently married. The wedding was organized in a “village” style, with the bride wearing a flower crown, flat sandals and a simple dress. The groom was, no doubt, a centre of attention with his red-coloured trousers. They were married in a small wooden village administration centre with only a couple of guests present whilst the party began afterwards with a whole crowd of people joining them. The weather was rainy, the grass was wet, but the green trees with water droppings and dark skies created an atmosphere of mystery and romance. When the night fell, guests were seated in front of the fire, singing, dancing and congratulating the happy couple. Basis Group team would also like to congratulate Natalia (who now has the new surname of Dunaeva) and her young husband on their Wedding day! We wish the couple all the luck, love and happiness in their family life – congratulations!