ESOMAR B2B Forum In Atlanta

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Bazis Group was proud to be a silver sponsor of the B2B ESOMAR Forum which took place in October 2014 in Atlanta, USA. This event was focused on business-to-business research. 10 countries were represented by 70 participants.

Tatiana Barakshina, Bazis Group’s Managing Partner (pictures), represented Russia in a country panel. The panel consisted of speakers from Russia, Turkey and China. The panel covered the “Dos” and “Don’ts” of B2B fieldwork including recruitment, incentives and interviewing practices in emerging markets.

Mark Towery’s presentation – “Why B2B/Industrial is Different and What To Do About It” – was considered interesting and insightful by many participants.

In short, with this ESOMAR forum, a large group of B2B professionals came together. The content was very B2B-focused, with a wide range of topics. “The event should be repeated!”, This was an unanimous opinion , inspired by each other’s contribution in the forum.