Game of Thrones from the perspective of a market researcher

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This week we are about to witness an event long awaited by millions of people all over the world. The 7th season of Game of Thrones, a captivating TV series based on novels by George Martin, premieres on Sunday, July 16. The series, which is famous for its gloomy and violent plot featuring countless unexpected deaths, boasts a stunning number of fans in numerous countries across the globe, and Russia is not an exception.


The most popular community devoted to Game of Thrones in a Russian social network has more than 700,000 subscribers, which is approximately equal to the population of an average Russian city. Series aficionados in our country are counting down days until the start of the new season and, in the meantime, actively discussing what might happen to the characters in the new episodes. Some of the ardent fans have even organized a “death-betting” competition, where anyone can try to predict which of the characters are going to die in the 7th season. For those unfamiliar with the series, a lot of people die during it (the series is an epic medieval fantasy series on HBO). 


It is interesting to know that in Moscow the first episode of the season will be shown at one of the subway stations. The sponsors of the event say that viewers will be welcomed by actors dressed as White Walkers, and a copy of the Iron Throne will be installed on a station platform. It is going to be the first underground premiere of a TV series.


There are fans of Game of Thrones among Bazis Group team members as well, and we are looking forward to the 7th season! Watch the season trailer below.