Googling aside, here are the top databases our Bazis Build team uses

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Our Bazis Build team works across Russia and the U.S., carrying out in-depth market research projects in the construction industry. We need to connect with key purchase decision makers and people on the frontlines of their organization who can share the right information for our clients seeking insights on machinery, equipment and trends in various regions.


While we have spent more than a decade building strong internal databases — sorry, we can’t share those with you ; ) — we are always on the lookout for additional experts to interview and help us as we deliver the best possible research projects for our clients.


So, where would we start if we were building our databases from scratch? We asked two of our leaders, Ekaterina Perina, Research Director in Russia, and Mikhail Ziskelevich, Partner in the U.S.


Here are go-to places to search in Russia:


  • It is one of the largest Internet-based companies in Russia. Today, their directory covers 3.5 million companies in 375 cities across nine countries including Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. This is a great source for up-to-date company profiles across different industries. Our Bazis Build team has used this a number of times.


  • FIRA. This website includes detailed information about all the companies registered in Russia, including financial information from accounting statements. The site allows users to search by company OKVED (this is the all-Russia classifier of types of economic activity) or license type. The latter is good if you are looking for a very specific target (for example, mining license).


  • Kazdata. This is a similar tool to FIRA that provides expanded profiles for companies registered in Kazakhstan. We also find this database useful for projects in that region.


  • Yandex(Russia’s largest search engine). We use the targeted search function for general search engines like this to identify target companies too. They are the biggest engines for a reason — they have a ton of useful information!

And, when it comes to conducting research on the U.S. side, here is what Tatiana suggests:

  • InfoUSA. This site provides monthly updated UCC filing for the United States. Essentially, a UCC filing shows a lender has an interest in a company’s assets. For our Bazis Build team, this filing helps identify customers with particular equipment. Learn more about how UCC filings work in the U.S.


  • A to Z Database. This site lets users search by a company’s Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Code. It’s a four digit code used in the U.S. to classify industries.


  • D&B Hoovers. This is an industry standard database that provides a comprehensive source of company profiles, overview of industries and more. This site uses the Dun & Bradstreet commercial database, which is currently the largest in the United States.


So, there you have it. Here’s a place to start if you’re going to begin building databases of construction companies in the U.S. and Russia.


If you need someone to start right away on a construction research project, we are always here to help. Simply reach out to us at for guidance and to start a conversation with us.