Mexico City cathedral at night

Looking for B2B research partners in Latin America?

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Mexico City cathedral at night

We’re extremely excited to be participating in an upcoming ESOMAR event in Mexico City! Our own Tatiana Barakshina and Olga Adushkina, as well as Kynetec UK’s Anne-Laure Lebaron will present the talk “Looking for B2B Research Partners in Latin America: experience from construction, agricultural and healthcare sectors.”


While Latin America is a strategically vital market for B2B global manufacturers across multiple industries (accounting anywhere from 8 percent to 30 percent of global sales), the amount of research work commissioned into the region has not caught up with this trend, staying at 4-6 percent of global research sales.


This interactive session features speakers from UK, USA, and France, who commission research in the Latin America and represent leading sector research providers in Healthcare, Construction and Agriculture. We will share the challenges we have faced while finding a reliable research partner in Latin America, and experience-based practical solutions to these challenges.

Head to ESOMAR’s registration page to find out more and reserve your spot! And be sure to follow us on Facebook as we’ll be posting updates from Mexico.