News: Bazis Group’s robust physician network enables recruitment of the right patient respondents

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We recently shared a news release on the impact of our physician network in Russia and Eastern Europe and how it enables us to connect with ideal patients when conducting our research. We wanted to share that with you below:


Russian-based market research agency invests energy into expanding its database of physicians for recruitment of patients with rare diseases


EKATERINBURG, RUSSIA, June 20, 2018 / — Bazis Group, a market research firm specializing in healthcare projects in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, is expanding its capabilities in the recruitment of patients, including patients with rare conditions.


The agency recruits patients through physicians, as 12 years of experience in the healthcare market has enabled them to develop a wide network of physicians across many specializations. Complying with the law to protect personal data security, physicians extend an offer to their patients to participate in relevant projects. It helps optimize project timing and ensures the quality of respondents.


“Patients’ associations are not typical for Russia and sometimes physicians are the only source for patient recruitment,” said Healthcare Project Manager Anna Shevalova. “Project objectives have become so binding lately. If we have to conduct an interview with an oncology patient who is participating in a clinical trial, the only chance for finding a relevant responding is through our physician network.”


Bazis Group maintains a highly structured procedure for recruiting research subjects through physicians. The physician is first recruited and receives information about requirements for patients. Next, the physician informs the target patients about the project and provides them with the supervisor`s contact information. Or, if the patient prefers, the physiciangives the patient’s contact information to the supervisor. This approach allows for protecting both physician and patient confidentiality.


Bazis Group specializes in B2B projects, including healthcare and veterinary medicine market research, working with global producers and market research partners to complete diverse projects across a variety of sectors and in a variety of regions.


Since its inception in 2006, Bazis Group has conducted and consulted on hundreds of healthcare research projects, working with a variety of international clients from the pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech sectors as well as with specialist healthcare research agencies in other markets.


The company is an active member of The Research Alliance, a 20-plus agency organization representing two dozen countries around the globe that offer market research services across a number of industries.


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For more information on Bazis Health, email Anna Shevalova of our health care research department.