There is no such thing as a universal “healthy body image”, it all depends on where you live!

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What is perceived as a “Healthy body image” depends on where you live, a research project funded by The Research Alliance (TRA) Innovation Grant has just found out. In China, that image of health is associated with brands and style, in Russia, — with one’s social status, and in Turkey — with a natural look and natural products.
Lead by Bazis Group and conducted by TRA member agencies in three highly populated, very diverse and dynamic locations of Istanbul (Turkey), Shanghai (China) and Ekaterinburg (Russia), the study looked at what cultural drivers might shape perception of healthy image among the general population of consumers. The research findings demonstrate that the notion of healthy image includes several elements: body image itself, lifestyle, prevalent emotions and, in some countries, one’s social status.
The project has important practical implications for healthcare advertising and marketing professionals, developing and adopting promotional materials for the growing markets of medical consumers in Turkey, China and Russia.
The study was designed, carried out and presented at the flagship healthcare conference organized by EphMRA in Frankfurt by researchers Anna Shulgina (project lead) and Ekaterina Perina, both from the Russian member of TRA, Bazis Group, on June 23, 2016.