Russians want Trump to be U.S. President

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According to a recent survey from the Research Alliance* the Russians would prefer Donald Trump to be the next US president. Mr. Trump has announced that he wants to move to fuller and deeper level of relations with Russia and assures us that he will be able to get along well with Mr. Putin. “I have always felt that Russia and the United States should be able to work well with each other”, Mr. Trump says. On the contrary, the Mexicans do not want the Republican party nominee to win. He has made several outrageous statements about Mexican immigrants calling them “drug dealers and rapists”. So almost all Mexicans endorse either Hillary Clinton (97%)**.

More than 90% of the Danes, Germans, Spanish want Hillary Clinton to win. UK citizens are less sure about Hillary Clinton (82%) but they still prefer her to Mr. Trump (18%). Public opinion in the US is divided almost equally between two candidates. Hillary Clinton (55%) finds a bit more support than Donald Trump (45%) would like to win. Whom will the Americans choose finally? We will see it after November 8th.

* Bazis Group is a member of the Research Alliance. The target group includes opinion leaders aged 25-65 years from 18 countries. Sample selection method: Lightspeed/GMI proprietary, research-only online panels (* Denmark Wilke Wisdom proprietary, research-only online panel). With a sample test size (n) of net 250 respondents, the measured information is correct with a 95% probability and a maximum uncertainty of +/- 6.2% in total.

** Originally, the survey included 3 candidates, but Bernie Sanders has dropped out of the presidential race.

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