Short videos as a means of communicating

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A Russian marketing specialist Igor Taushev divides short videos into 7 types: Sales videos, Video-lessons, Webinar records, Video blogs, Translation of other people videos, Interviews and Video-reports. Videos demonstrate what you need to know or what to do more clearly than written instructions or photo-reports. Videos reflect emotions and moods, making it possible to convey the atmosphere. Obviously, it takes time to create a masterpiece of a video, but it takes just minutes to film something on your smartphone camera. It may be a route description, like which bus to take and where the bus stop is, or it may be a make-up lesson or a user’s manual on how to rebuild an engine. No matter what the topic is, a video will depict it more immediately and viewers will be able to repeat what you’re showing them. We are already accustomed to the culture of making videos and loading them on Instagram, You-Tube or Snapchat, so why not use them create engaging messages about your business?